The origin of FUTRO

I started Futro with the intention of inspiring creative doers in Portland to form a cohesive crew of present minded retro-futurists.  The friends I had made since moving to PDX in 2007 were painters, DJs, photographers, dancers, MCs, electronic producers, and poets.  I thought, what would happen if we brought our talents together?? What could we create ?? If we each put in work to uplift each other, where can we go??

As we look at the now, there is much to be celebrated. With relatively no financial backing other than a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, the Futro Collective has created 6 multimedia group shows, over a dozen music videos, 10 zines, over 20 music projects, T shirts, hats, and more. Since 2009, there has been 40 Futro live events, from club nights, to poetry readings, to multi-genre concerts, and everything in between. Members of Futro have expanded to start their own record labels (Neill Von Tally, co-founder of Eyrst), and their own crucial collectives (Lamar LeRoy, co-founder of YGB), and have generally been pursuing their creative works in a larger scale, all while retaining some aspect of presence in the Futro Family.  

As we look forward, progress and anticipation are ubiquitous.  Connecting people of diverse backgrounds to bring a balanced perspective on our ever shifting global society will continue to be the foundation of our work. It is my joy to continue conceptualizing and creating multimedia projects and events within the Futro vision, while expanding our family to include all of those who believe in peaceful progress.

- Danny "Neo Gyo"
Futro Founder