Futro believes in the integral integration of creators combining talents in an evolving global community.  Our purpose is rooted in providing a retro-futurist vision of balance in a post future world. We produce hip hop and electronic music, make video and visual projects, host events and exhibits, publish a zine called Futro Mag, create apparel, and generally just like to push ourselves and others to enjoy the process of creating and interacting with art.


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The first single from Neo's upcoming debut LP HAZAMA - 10.4.17 / Noby Noby Boy is stuck in the world of the Drones. He tries to join their routine but can't fit in. He attempts to draw them out, but they are fixed. In the end he must embrace his individuality. written by Neo G Yo / prod. by Winston Lane / recorded, mixed and engineeered by Karl Kling at A/D Agency


HAZAMA - album/book available now produced by Winston Lane, illustrated by Yu Suda, engineered by Karl Kling at A/D Agency



All inquiries - info@yofutro.com